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November 24, 2015 by Abby and Alex Rodriguez

Super quick update for those that may be following our journey…

Alex and I had our first home study visit this morning! Whew! My house has never been cleaner and my nerves are shot! haha.  Spent three days scrubbing, dusting and organizing. I’m certain a clean house is my love language.  Anyways, we just wrapped up our first meeting and although I have no frame of reference we thought it went really well!  Our case worker was a very nice and laid back man with a very disarming personality.  Our meeting started off with the guys talking about their mutual love for Batman.  He walked our home, checked a few things and then we sat at the dining room table for literally 2 straight hours discussing our paperwork and drinking coffee. He stayed an hour and a half past his time because we were rockin and rollin.  He mentioned that we were able to fit three meetings into one! Grateful for endurance.  We scheduled our last home visit for the 3rd of December! CRAZY.

Thanking Jesus for a smooth and quick process.


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