Sorrow into Service .


October 27, 2015 by Abby and Alex Rodriguez

The other day I was flipping back through the pages of my journal.  I don’t do it as often as I should, I think it’s important that we remind ourselves how the Lord has taken care of us, especially through difficult seasons. I came across a journal entry that I wrote a couple of months ago.  It’s a prayer journal, so it’s a running conversation with the Lord, and in these particular pages I was asking the Lord to protect our baby as if he or she was already in existence.  I found it to be a really odd prayer because we are on a waiting list with an agency that specializes in infant adoption and the list is forever long (it seems), knowing this means that our baby isn’t even close to existing.  Why on Earth would our baby need to be protected if he or she isn’t even a thought at this point?  But I continued to write:

“Lord, protect our sweet baby as we wait for him.  He’s away from his mom and he needs us. Protect his little mind, body and soul.  Speak words revealing who You are to him, give him dreams of his Savior. We pray he knows you from a little age. Oh Jesus, bring our sweet babe to us.”

Knowing what we know now, the Lord was simply preparing my heart to be a foster mama. Never in a million years did we ever think we would be walking down this road.  I said the same thing about adoption, but I REALLY did not ever want to foster, it scared me.

Much like the rest of our story, it seems these decisions happen overnight, not in a impulsive kind of way, just supernatural really. Not but a few weeks ago, we spent some time in Massachusetts for my big sister’s wedding.  It was incredible.  The weather was perfect, the leaves on the trees were changing colors.  It was the perfect opportunity to rest and hear from the Lord.  It was the night before my sis’ wedding and we were driving to the B&B where the ceremony was to be held.  We were chatting about life, marriage, growing our families, etc.  My sister is a family advocate with the Head Start program in her town and expressed interest in foster care.  The way she had talked about it with such enthusiasm and certainty challenged me.  She said the primary goal is reunification.  For some odd reason, those words changed everything for me.  Then a thought from the Lord, while we wait for however long it takes with the private agency in ABQ, we can make our time of waiting count for eternity by loving on someone else’s baby while they figure out life.  What an incredible ministry!  Not only will it minister to these sweet babes that might not ever experience stability in their lives, but it will also minister to our hearts as we get to fill them with everything we long for.

When we got home, we picked up an application for Fostering to Adopt and turned it in the very same day.  We received a call a couple of days later telling us our application has already been processed and in the hands of our new case worker.  Our home study, which is mounts of paperwork, physical assessments, interviews, background checks, home inspections, etc. can begin anywhere between this week and next week.  It is a 4-6 month process.  We will also be taking 32 hours worth of training beginning in January.  I’m exhausted, anxious and excited all at the same time just thinking about it all!

Many a times we feel like we are on a runaway train, holding on for dear life.  We understand how fragile our hearts are, which will make this journey excruciating at times.  We are walking into this knowing that our hearts will be continuously broken.  I also know deep in my spirit that these babies are worth it.  What a joy it will be to bring stability, love, security, and so much more into their little lives.   As Mr. FW Boreham puts it in his essay “A Little Palace Beautiful”, we are simply trying to turn our sorrows into service.  We know without a doubt this will be painful but it’s worth it to be vulnerable for the sake of the voiceless.

Please continue to pray as we navigate through these new waters, are heads are still spinning, still many logistics to figure out, like how to run two full time ministries, haha.  I have started an Amazon registry to begin collecting and organizing the things that we will need.  The gear, toys, blankets, etc. appear to be on the more expensive side, but I was going for sturdy, durable, quality (gender neutral) items that will last through, hopefully, several babies!  Feel free to check it out!

Thanks again! Can’t thank you all enough for the prayers that give us our strength to keep on going.  We will keep you all updated as much as we remember.



3 thoughts on “Sorrow into Service .

  1. Brenda Thomas says:

    Beautifully written, my sweet!

  2. Shirley Cross says:

    Abby & Alex, Rick & I were foster parents when we lived in Anchorage, Alaska. We loved the experience, except for when they re-unified the family, it was really hard to give Divine back to her parents. It just was not a good situation at home. I will pray that GOD will prepare your hearts for loving someone else’s child while you wait on your own. Sometimes those foster children can be adopted, so that’s one of those details that only GOD knows. What a journey you all are on with the LORD leafing every step of the way. Thanks for letting us know about the Amazon registry. What a great idea! Love you both, Shirley & Rick

  3. Savannah says:

    Love you guys and praying for this whole process!

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