September 29, 2012 by Abby and Alex Rodriguez

We have now been in Las Cruces for 3 months.  It seems like we have been here a lot longer!  Our church is wonderful and has been the very reason why we have settled right in.  Our New Mexico Ministry Network is absolutely amazing.  There is so much pride that wells up in me when I think about the leadership and pastors that we get to serve along side.  Our Superintendent and his wife have gone out of their way to make sure that we are well taken care of.  Oh, what a blessing.  I grumbled and complained for weeks about the thought of coming to New Mexico.  How foolish I was to think that the Lord surely was mistaken.  We are exactly where we are suppose to be, can not imagine being anywhere else.  Thank you Jesus for always being smarter than me.

Our days are spent studying our Berean courses and hanging out with many college students, whom we’ve met through our church, or students who have contacted us.  Lots of coffee, hosting dinners within our home, tailgating before football games, girl’s nights, man night’s, hanging out on the river, sleep overs, etc.  We love our new friends!

This week, Alex and I, will be beginning a very important season of the Chi Alpha ministry.  Starting Thursday, for the next 17 weeks, we will be teaching our Leadership Training Class (LTC).  Eight of our new friends, whom have proven themselves to be faithful, available and teachable will be learning how to be future small group leaders in Chi Alpha.  Small groups are the backbone of our ministry, without them we are just one big church service, no depth and a revolving door where students come and go.  These students will be taught the principles and convictions that make up Chi Alpha.  Believing that the Kingdom of God is established through intentional relationships and that what God wants to do in you, He also wants to do through you.

Next 17 weeks in a nutshell: a TON of coffee, tea and cookies, meals shared together, weekends in the mountains, late hours lesson planning and whole lot of learning and growing together.  We are SO EXCITED.

Be in prayer for these students.  They do not know exactly what they are getting into.  They have not had the privilege of experiencing a Chi Alpha to know what a big deal LTC is for our ministry.  Pray that our words and teachings will be clear.  As much as we can share endless stories and paint pictures of what Chi Alpha is, it is going to be up to the Lord to plant a vision in their hearts to reach their fellow classmates.  We pray that our hearts would be knit together and that it would be radical!

On a more lighter note, I made candy apples!

Oh mercy, they were a bit challenging.  If I weren’t such a perfectionist (thanks, Mom) I think it would have been a more enjoyable experience.  Tomorrow we are having our students over for some chili before the NMSU/UTSA football game.  Did you know that New Mexicans don’t really eat chili, much less know what it is, aside from the ever popular green chile?  Tragic, I know!  Chili and candy apples will be shared and NMSU football will be watched.

Now THAT’S a fall day!  We love and miss you all.  Thanks for reading and thanks for prayin.

My broccoli is a champ and is grown strong.  My spinach has surfaced! A puppy got into my carrots, so I do not expect much out of the sweet goodness, but we’ll see. And still no sign of my Romaine. Hmm. Time will tell.


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  1. Brenda Thomas says:

    Your welcome, love! I want one of those candy apples! I’m pleased to hear that things are going so well for you and Alex. Mom

  2. Alex & Abby,
    You are both so inspiring! I think it’s awesome what you are doing all around the world, and especially there in New Mexico (if I understood that correctly)! I cannot wait to read more about everything God is doing and will do through ya’ll!! I will be praying for you and your Chi Alpha groups!! 🙂 A verse that I put up on my NEW blog, as of yesterday, is I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
    -Philippians 3:14 I hope that’s a little encouragement, although you seem to already be doing awesome, but I just thought I’d share it with you!! Hope all is well!!

    Marissa W.

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