last week.


August 27, 2012 by Abby and Alex Rodriguez


We traveled. A lot. Starting with Sunday, we spoke at the most precious, little church in the Lincoln National Forest.  On our way home from Cloudcroft, we stopped at The Apple Barn, where we bought too much fudge and admired the cutest pit stop in the state of New Mexico.  Monday…


was Welcome Week on the campus of New Mexico State University.  The home of the fighting Aggies…I know, I know.  A little piece inside of us died a little bit when we heard (sorry A&M fans).  This is the most excited time and the busiest time of the year for campus ministry.  The time where we have the opportunity to capture as many freshman and new students as possible before they get sucked into the carelessness of college life.  The feeling we had walking on our new campus was surreal.  The moment we have day dreamed about for a little over 2.5 years.  It’s tough knowing we let another welcome week go by without the start of our new campus ministry.  But next year, it’s on and we’re more than ready!  Tuesday…


Jordan (my new awesome friend) and I took the pups to our dog park and I’m using that term very loosely.  It was fenced in and that’s about it.  It was 11 o’clock and unfortunately too hot for them to play, so like any smart dog, they found the only shade in the whole place and stayed there the whole time.  It was lame.

On a side note, I met a new friend and I absolutely love her.  Her name is Jordan and she reminds me of my best friend, Jenna.  The Lord knew I needed a “Jenna” in my life and He sent me Jordan.  She and her husband, Alec, are also new to the area, so we have spent a lot of time with them getting to know our new city.  They are precious.  We have really cherished their friendship.  On to Wednesday…


We bought a grill! Grilled veggies, steak, tilapia, burgers, fajitas, mmmm the possibilities are endless! We are so excited.

Wednesday, we also went over to Hobbs and Alex spoke at a church there that evening.  Great, great time of worship with the folks over there.  We had a blast.  The Lord moved through the youth that were present during the service and we had a phenomenal time at the alters praying with the young people.  We left encouraged and uplifted.  From there we went to Ruidoso.  Alex and I volunteered at our AG camp, helping host 400+ youth from Albuquerque.  Man, did we forget what camp ministry was like!  We were there for probably less than 24 hours, but left completely exhausted.  Needless to say, I did not acquire any pictures from that escapade.  We got back Friday…


and climbed a mountain! Tortuga Mountain aka “A” mountain.  On the side of this mountain is a huge lit up “A” for Aggies, that overlooks the whole university.  It’s less than 6 miles from our house (we biked there).  It was tough but such a great mental escape for us.  Our other new friend, Chantelle, took us.  We made it to the top just in time to see the sunset.


It was raining in various parts of the city.  We could see the whole town.  We’ll be climbing her often.  Skipping ahead to today (I can’t even remember what we did Saturday) we went to church, attended the SalsaFest downtown (it rained the whole time, so we ventured around the bookstore) and then came home to make…


fajitas and bacon wrapped green chiles on our new grill!  Everything was so so so yummy.  Perfect ending to a VERY busy week.  My in-laws are on their way!  We’re ready for another action packed week.

I love Las Cruces.


2 thoughts on “last week.

  1. Shirley Cross says:

    I know GOD is going to use you for HIS work and HIS glory!! I’m excited for both of you! Thanks for sharing pictures as well as your comments. Loved hearing what’s happening in your lives!! PRAISE GOD for whom all blessings flow!!

  2. derrickdona says:

    Looking great. I always love looking at Lac Cruces photos. But the food pictures just killed me. Good Mexican dishes are hard to come by

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